• Benefits of Mediation Include:
    • Mediation is often cheaper than litigation
    • Mediation is often faster than litigation
    • Mediation can be done online
    • Mediation from the comfort of your home
    • Mediation is a co-operative process
    • Mediation can result in out of the box solutions
    • Solutions can be designed around you and your family’s unique needs

Hi, I’m Brigitta

I am passionate about mediation as a dispute resolution method because win-win solutions result in happier families and happier lives for all.  

Let us create a better future for you and your family, together, today.

No one is better at finding the best solutions for you, than you, and as a mediator it is my privilege to be a part of your process in finding tailor-made solutions that are built around your family and your needs.

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