How to Get an Online Divorce During Covid

Getting an online divorce is a concept that is new to most South Africans but the concept is taking off during these trying times of the pandemic. An online divorce is:

  • Easier – It can be done from the comfort of your home
  • Cheaper – No lawyers are involved in the process
  • Safer – it is done online via zoom or google meetings
  • Faster – It is far faster than litigating the divorce through lawyers
  • Quicker in Court – It is also faster because courts often have priority dates for uncontested divorces

There are essentially two phases when getting a divorce. The first is the preparation of the details and information required to prepare the divorce papers. The second phase consists of the court proceedings that formalise the divorce.

The first phase can be done by the parties themselves, if all of the details can be worked out, but that is seldom likely due to the acrimonious nature of the separation or divorce. If the parties cannot agree on the details like the division of assets, details on children etc, then they have the choice to approach a mediator or an attorney.

A mediator is trained to help the parties to navigate all the issues that must be agreed upon to prepare the divorce documents. They will help you brainstorm, communicate and try to help you reach agreement on the issues that you need to discuss to finalise a divorce. This is done through special mediation sessions designed to help mediate disputes of this nature. Divorce mediation sessions generally last an hour or two and one or two sessions are often sufficient to resolve the any issues between the parties. The mediator then prepares your divorce settlement agreement and any other documents you need and generally tells you how to lodge those at a court close to you.

An attorney on the other hand only represents one party in the divorce dispute. Each party appoints an attorney and then the lawyers communicate with one another to finalise the divorce. This process takes longer than mediation and since there are two attorney’s involved, each charging fees, it is often more expensive than mediation. Once the attorneys have worked out the details with their clients, they will approach the courts and set a court date where the court will decide the matter.

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